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Buy Second Hand Phone Brisbane

Where to Buy a Second-Hand Phone in Brisbane

Are you in the market to buy a second-hand phone in Brisbane? Rather than spending hours browsing the internet, or taking your chances with a private buy, stop in at JoyOne Mobile. We have a wide selection of used phones and other electronic devices, from iPads to MacBooks. No matter what brand or model of phone you’re looking for, there is a good chance we have it in stock and selling for a fair price.

The Benefits of Choosing to Buy a Second-Hand Phone

Why should you buy a second-hand phone when you could go to your nearest electronics store and purchase a brand-new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Here are a few reasons that used mobile phones are a terrific investment:

• You will save money. We’ve all heard the mantra about how a new car loses ten percent of its value the moment you drive it off the lot. Frankly, something similar is true about mobile phones. When you buy a new iPhone, it loses value the moment you walk out of the store—and continues to lose value over time, as new models enter the market. Buying a phone model that is a year or two old—even buying it new—is markedly less expensive than purchasing the latest model on the market. Buying that two-years-ago model used is an easy way to shave even more money (often, hundreds of dollars) off the price.

• Electronics have more life than people realise. Many consumers just want to have the newest iPhone or Galaxy smartphone, which means they regularly sell their used phones to buy newer models. Because of this cycle, it’s not uncommon for people to replace their phones every year or two. Even with heavy use, though, a smartphone will offer much more than a year or two of good, usable life. Often, when you buy a 2 nd -hand phone, you can get a good four to five years of service out of that device for a deep-discount price—a high-value proposition if there ever was one.

• You get more storage space for less. Are you someone who loves to load up your phone with photos, videos, music and other files? If so, you’ll need a phone with a lot of storage space. When you buy new, you pay a premium for storage, which means a 128 gigabyte or 256 gigabyte phone is likely to cost you a pretty penny. When you buy used, you can get that same amount of space, in a slightly older phone, for much less money.

A Short Buyer’s Guide to Help You Buy a Second-Hand Phone in Brisbane

At JoyOne Mobile, we are here to help you buy a 2 nd -hand phone in Brisbane. Here are a few steps to take to make your purchase process as convenient as possible:

• Check out our Gumtree store. We’d love to see you at our store in Sunnybank if you’d like to stop in and browse what we have in stock. However, do note that we do have an online Gumtree store where you can browse as well—and which we update daily.

• Know what you want. It’s easiest to buy a second-hand phone if you already know what you want. Pick out your model, your storage capacity and your colour (if colour is a dealbreaker) before you start shopping, to make narrowing down the selection extremely easy.

• Sell your phone, too! We couldn’t sell used phones if we didn’t buy them! If you are trading up your old smartphone for an old phone, let us know! We’ll consider your phone based on model, age and overall condition and decide if we can offer you trade-in value.

Why JoyOne Mobile Is Cost-Effective

When you buy a 2 nd -hand phone, you ostensibly get more phone for less. The amount of storage space, power and phone lifespan you get per dollar when you buy used are extremely high. If you are interested in this kind of cost-effective transaction, contact JoyOne Mobile today to buy a second hand phone in Brisbane.